Unlike other service providers we don't just sit around waiting for problems to happen, our systems constantly monitor your devices looking for potential errors before they can cause any detrimental effect.

How it works

Each device that is to be monitored has a tiny piece of software installed on it.  It is so small it has no impact on performance and the user doesn't even know it is there.  It runs silently in the background constantly checking for signs of potential problems or anything that may have a detrimental affect on the equipment being monitored.  As soon as an alert is raised, often before there are any signs it exists, our monitoring software will send an alert to a technician and if possible attempt to rectify it.  E.g. if a hard drive is running out of space it will free space by deleting temporary files.
What is monitored
We have developed a custom set of monitors gathered from a combined 20 years of experience within the IT industry.  This includes:
    • Device status (online/offline)
    • System performance (CPU usage, RAM usage, hard drive usage)
    • Security status (Antivirus, Firewall)
    • Backup status (Successful/Failed)
    • Update status

Our monitoring software is flexible and customisable.  E.g if your business relies on custom software to be running constantly, we can set a monitor that alerts us if the software isn't running and it will attempt to restart it automatically.

Pre-emptive Monitoring Benefits
Maximise uptime
By detecting potential problems as soon as possible, we can maximise the uptime of your servers and workstations.
Continuous monitoring
Our monitoring software doesn't stop when you go home, it is constantly checking 24/7/365, so we are made aware of any problems as soon as possible.
Advanced warning
Pre-emptive monitoring looks for potential problems before they happen.