Reliability of servers and workstations is crucial to the success of your business.  Reducing the possibility of hardware failures or software errors keeps your IT equipment reliable and your staff productive.

How it works
Just like a car, workstations and servers also benefit from regular maintenance.  Without it they can become sluggish, unreliable and effect productivity.  Preventative Maintenance involves regular, routine maintenance to help keep equipment clean and reliable.

The majority of maintenance can be done remotely with no disruption to the user, it is completed in the background or when the machine isn't in use.

For maintenance that cannot be done remotely, a technician will be scheduled to visit you onsite.
What we do
With over 30 years of experience in IT we have developed custom maintenance procedures to help maintain your IT systems.  This includes:
    • Hard drive defragging
    • Removal of temporary files
    • Windows updates
    • Antivirus updates
    • Remove dust from fans/heatsinks/vents.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits
Maximise Uptime
By performing regular maintenance we minimise the risk of downtime caused by failures or errors.
Increased reliability and stability
The whole purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep systems stable and reliable.

Prevent failures and errors before they happen.

Secure and up to date
Keeping servers and workstations up to date makes sure they are patched from the latest security threats.

Stay productive
Ensure your staff work efficiently and stay productive by making sure the equipment they use is in optimum condition.